A Very Special Memory for our GVA Dragons Basketball Team

Our very own GVA Dragons basketball team was nothing less than surprised when they walked into practice at 24 Hour Fitness on Wednesday afternoon.   As the team entered their home court, they walked upon a group of tall, very skilled athletes shooting hoops. The group of athletes had unknowingly taken over the GVA Dragons "reserved" basketball court. The Dragons thought to themselves, "Hey! That's our court!.” After looking a little closer, the team realized that the group of men was no other than everyone's favorite Denver Bronco, Mr. Von Miller and his teammates! How cool!
Despite feeling a little star struck, the Dragons were determined to get their court back! With no hesitation, Ms. Erickson and the team very politely and nervously approached Mr. Miller and his crew, asking them to please skedaddle off their court so they can get started with their basketball practice. After all, they had a very important game tomorrow! The Dragons suggested very kindly that they move to another court. The Broncos were surprised to get the boot, but very kindly respected the Dragons wishes and moved to the next court over. 
Later on, the Dragons got a surprise visit from Mr. Miller as he came back to their court to acknowledge the hard work of our athletes. With all smiles and envy, he gave a high five to each and every player on the team. He even took a team picture with our Dragons! With all said and done, our team would like to thank Von Miller for his act of kindness by acknowledging the perseverance and hard work of our young athletes. Von Miller is an inspiration to our community and is a fine example of what any pro athlete should demonstrate to a group of young athletes. Von sets a precedent of exemplary sportsmanship and integrity. 
So, thank you Von Miller for making the day for our Dragons and giving them such a special memory together as basketball team! Please come back to see us again, maybe we will share the court with ya next time  
Sincerely, the Global Village Academy - Douglas County 
Dragon Basketball Team.