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Mission and Vision

Global Village Academy Mission Statement
Global Village Academy students will become fluent and literate in English and a second-world language, excel academically in core content subjects, and develop 21st-century skills, including cross-cultural understanding.

Global Village Academy Vision Statement
Global Village Academy is a world-class school that supports P-16 education in English and a second world language and promotes college and workforce readiness in a global economy, as well as 21st-century skills, including the ability to work in cross-cultural situations.
Innovation in Education

Global Village Academies are:
  • Free, public international schools with language immersion instruction in English and the choice of Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, French, or Russian.
Our students develop a GLOBAL perspective by learning a second language, exploring diverse cultures to cultivate understanding and respect, and developing the skills to live and work with others internationally – all essential for life in the 21st century.

With the world as the context for education, students need to find their place, voice, and dream. Our VILLAGE provides the support and the challenge to motivate students to excel in school and life. Their success depends upon their initiative and the support of peers, teachers, parents, and the wider community.

The ACADEMY has always symbolized rigorous education, critical thinking abilities, and a love of knowledge. Through structured inquiry, students explore multi-disciplinary units that span each language village. These units integrate core subjects and encourage students to ask questions and make discoveries in their active search for knowledge.