Board of Directors » Governance


Each of the three Global Village Academies has their own respective governing board and up to three members of each local Board are also selected to serve on the Network Board, known as the Global Village Academy Collaborative (GVAC).
The GVAC Board governs the central network administrative team that serves all GVA schools and provides strategic planning, policy development, leadership mentoring, all financial and payroll services, human resource and benefits management, facilities financing acquisition services, all technology support, academic monitoring and support as well as central operational services. Functioning similar to a cooperative, local GVA schools "join" the network when first established and the GVAC serves as the corporate member of each local school. This assures that the replication and development of the unique GVA educational program is maintained with fidelity and efficiency. 
Similar to a school district, the GVAC provides a common educational framework, policies, and administrative support for each of the Academies. Unlike a school district, each local academy has its own budget, is governed by a local Board of Directors, has representation on the central administrative Board and shares the cost of the GVAC administrative services.
As a member of the GVAC, each local academy shares in the GVAC governance and shares GVAC administrative central costs. Thus, local academies do not contract for services, they share costs as outlined in their "joinder" agreement, whereby they become part of the GVAC network.

Each Global Village Academy's local governing board delegates authority and responsibility for day-to-day operations to the Principal. The local Board, in conjunction with the Principal, sets clear operation and educational goals, including those mandated by state and federal law (e.g. No Child Left Behind) by which the performance of the Principal and the school will be measured. The local Board is appointed and autonomous from the authorizing district.

Each school district, that authorizes the charter contract, has appropriate oversight, while Global Village Academy retains autonomy. The school district is not involved in Global Village Academy's governance.

The school districts oversight is designed to ensure that each GVA meets or exceeds the conditions outlined in the local respective charter contract with the authorizer.