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World Language

Global Village requires that every middle school student take a world language in addition to English. For students new to Global Village, the class is for novices and focuses on world language literacy through direct instruction using teaching techniques developed over years at Global Village. Students continuing from a Global Village elementary school can continue to develop advanced levels in the second world language or begin a new world language.

Global Village’s world language instruction incorporates the 5 C’s developed by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) and others:

  1. Communication: Communication stresses the use of language in “real life” situations. It emphasizes “what students can do with language” rather than “what they know about language.”
  2. Cultures: Experiencing other cultures develops a better understanding and appreciation of the relationship between languages and other cultures.
  3. Connections: World language instruction must be connected with other subjects.
  4. Comparisons: Students are encouraged to compare and contrast languages and cultures.
  5. Communities: Our teachers, who are native speakers, help students experience language and culture in a way that emphasizes living in a diverse, global society