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Links to Immersion Education

American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL)The American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages is the only national organization dedicated to the improvement and expansion of the teaching and learning of all languages at all levels of instruction. ACTFL is an individual membership organization of more than 7,000 foreign language educators and administrators from elementary through graduate education, as well as government and industry. ACTFL organizes an annual conference and publishes the journal Foreign Language Annals.
Elementary Immersion Learning Strategies Resource GuideThis free, interactive website is an online version of Elementary Immersion Learning Strategies Resource Guide published by the National Capital Language Resource Center. Users can follow the guide sequentially, skip to topics of interest, or jump directly to printable resources like lesson plans, charts, and worksheets. Topics covered include: definitions, descriptions, and examples of language learning strategies, teaching students to think about learning, teaching learning strategies using the Cognitive Academic Language Learning Approach, and selecting strategies to introduce to students in language and content areas at each grade level. The site also provides sample lessons for a variety of grade levels, languages, and subject areas, and a review of the literature on language learning strategies instruction. The appendices contain further resources for teachers: an annotated list of stories to help teach learning strategies, a model for developing a learning strategies lesson, and learning strategies lists and definitions in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, and Russian.
Language Immersion in EuropeThe LIME listserv is a free electronic discussion forum for scholars, teachers, administrators and others interested in the teaching, study and administration of language immersion in general and in Europe in particular. LIME is based at the University of Vaasa, Finland. To subscribe, send an email to [email protected] with subscribe LIME in the body of the message.
Listservs on Immersion EducationThe LIM-A listserv is for all those interested in or involved with language immersion education in the Americas. LIM-A is administered by the Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition. To subscribe, send an email message to [email protected]. The message without subject line or signature should read: subscribe LIM-A your first and last names
NadutiÑandutí is a resource for foreign language learning in grades K-8 housed by the Center for Applied Linguistics. Ñandutí sponsors a listserv for school district personnel, superintendents, teachers, college and university teacher educators, and parents. Their website includes resources regarding program models, professional development, advocacy, and archives of listserv discussions on hot topics.