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GVAC Governance

Global Village Academy Collaborative (GVCC) is a cooperative education organization based on the Colorado Charter School Collaborative Act, C.R.S 22-30.5-602-605, effective August 11, 2010. The Act permits the creation of public charter school collaborations to “exercise administrative control or direction in providing or operating specified functions, services or facilities for participating charter schools,” C.R.S. 22-30.5-603(4)(a). 
This enabled the creation of a public, nonprofit entity, similar to a charter school in nature, but developed for the purpose of supporting a network of separate charter schools. GVAC is the sole corporate member of each of the GVA Charter schools, and the GVAC umbrella board is comprised of the Board Presidents and two additional directors of each of the three GVA schools. Each school is separated by legal and financial firewalls that protect the autonomy of the separate organizations, while still allowing for a close operational relationship.
Unlike other educational management groups, which provide top-down management, GVAC's services are shared costs as determined by the GVAC Board, which includes directors from each individual board within the network. 
GVAC centralized services to GVA schools include the development, implementation, and sustainability of efficient key systems including Financial Services, Professional Development, Leadership and Governance Support, Human Resource Management, Marketing and Public Relations, Technology Infrastructure, Legal Services, and Management, Curriculum, and Materials Development.

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