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Hanban – Asia Society Confucius Classrooms Network
In recognition of its potential as a model Chinese language program for the U.S., strong local leadership, demonstrated commitment to international exchange and collaboration, and global vision for the future, Global Village Academy has been accepted as a member of the first cohort of schools in the Hanban – Asia Society Confucius Classrooms Network. This national network of 100 exemplary Chinese language programs started in February 2010 with 20 “pioneer” schools or districts that represent the future of Chinese language education in the United States.

This first cohort of “Confucius Classrooms” includes 14 states and the District of Columbia; public schools, independent schools, and charter schools; elementary, middle, and high schools; and urban, rural, and suburban schools. Each Hanban – Asia Society Confucius Classroom will be matched with a partner school in China to enhance opportunities for language learning and to provide students, teachers, and administrators with opportunities to conduct exchanges and joint projects. The Network is linked through an online community where teachers will share resources and best practices in an effort to build models for the field.

As part of its continuing effort to help American students become more globally competent, Asia Society has been supporting the development of Chinese language programs in schools across the United States. This work includes the Chinese Language Initiatives e-newsletter, the annual National Chinese Language Conference co-organized with the College Board, which will be held in Washington D.C. on April 22, 2010, and the development of resources for the field, including the new “Learning Chinese in American Schools” DVD.

As a Confucius Classroom, Global Village Academy has established a formal partnership with the Beijing Foreign Language School.  BFLS is a K-12 school with a 25 year history of serving Chinese students in learning language and culture.  Since 2009, GVA middle schoolers have traveled to Beijing as part of a capstone project. In return, GVA has hosted students from the BFLS each fall. 
The Confucius Classrooms Network has been established with the support of an International Expert Advisory Committee and in partnership with Hanban, a non-governmental agency supported by China’s Ministry of Education the branch of the Chinese Ministry of Education that supports the teaching and learning of Chinese language and culture in all corners of the world. The Network is more than just an attempt to recognize excellence in Chinese language teaching – it is the beginning of an ongoing process of field building with the goal of establishing high quality, sustainable Chinese language programs in all regions of the U.S., and one important step toward strengthening Americans’ understanding of China.