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Volunteer Requirements

An important aspect of the GVA mission includes creating a school environment in which a partnership exists between the school and the families.
  • Each family is asked to donate 30 hours of service or the equivalent to the school each year from K-8.
  • A myriad of volunteer opportunities are available for families to fulfill this requirement, however, it is the responsibility of each family to find ways to meet the requirement.
  • Hours can be met through volunteer help in school, fund raising events, PTO meetings and other committees.
  • In-kind donations and donations of items approved by school administration are accepted as service hours.
  • Parents will be able to support their child and the school in meaningful ways while being valued as an integral part of the educational process.
  • Families are encouraged to give generously of their time and talents to GVA.
The documentation of the family’s hours per enrollment is based on an honor system.
  • The family is responsible for recording their hours at the front desk in the volunteer book. As a gratitude the PTO and Parent Support Groups recognize those who do their contribution and beyond, encouraging more families to participate.
  • Additional details on ways you can volunteer are listed in the Parent & Student Handbook and on the Parent Support Group and PTO pages for your GVA school.
If you have questions or have hours that need to be recorded and are unable to come in to the school, please email your PTO or Parent Support Group to document your hours.
  •  Include your child’s name, your child’s teacher and grade, your first and last name, the hours you contributed and a brief description of how you volunteered.
Thank you for working together to make your GVA Academy a successful school!